Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth Program

The Positive Birth Program is a blend of hypnobirthing and childbirth education, expressed through a positive lens that enables women and their birth partners to feel excited and prepared for their birth journeys. This program spans over four units, each lasting three hours, and is delivered in an interactive course format.

Hypnobirthing Australia’s philosophy of birth – birth is a natural, physiological process that women should be able to enjoy. Where possible, natural birth is the best outcome for mother and baby. Hypnobirthing Australia values that all women should be able to have a positive birth experience, no matter how they choose to birth.

The ‘Positive Birth Program’ gives an in depth understanding of the impact of a positive mindset, the power of the mind-body connection and gives insight into the tools and choices women may access throughout their labour and birth. The ‘Positive Birth Program’ values the role of the birth partner, and empowers them through tools and defining their role, to suit the needs of the birthing mother.

Hypnobirthing is an invaluable tool for women to utilise, as it allows them to release fears and preconditioning of childbirth, and drop into a positive, calm state when they choose to. Relaxation, visualisation, acupressure, movement, touch, and self-hypnosis are all tools used within hypnobirthing allowing women to experience an empowering and positive birth.

Women and their birth partners will learn how to harness these tools, as well as fully understand the physiology of birth and their choices within this space. This knowledge leads to self-advocacy and has been shown to reduce the incidences of intervention and increase positive birth experiences.

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Program Inclusions

  • 12 hours of small group tuition with HPCE certified practitioner

  • Hypnobirthing Australia™ certified materials including;

    • Folio of Resources

    • 4 x long-play mp3s

    • "Little Book of Hypnobirthing" ebook

    • Printable Resources

    • Research Links

    • Routine for Practice

    • Practice videos (including Facial Relaxation, Opening Lotus Flower, Mini Hypno-Relaxation & Birth Rehearsal)

Group Sessions

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Private Sessions

Private sessions availability: September to December registrations now open.

Private Sessions $850.00 $770 August Only Special!